About Winchburgh

Winchburgh is a quaint village that has been growing rapidly over many years, surrounded by beautiful countryside and a community spirit that is second to none.

Currently under development in Winchburgh includes three brand new schools, a marina, new district park, train station and roads infrastructure to deal with the demand of new housing as the community expands over the coming years.

Checkout the ‘About Winchburgh’ page for more information about what to do around Winchburgh.

Charles's Bridge
Keep fit and healthy with our walks around Winchburgh.
Niddry Burn to ecclesmachan
The route follows an old shale railway line and the Niddry Burn. On the railway, the journey contains some amazing views.
Around the village walk
You probably know most of the route but some may be new and it may be time to learn a little heritage!
Help create a growing book!
Are you ready for another Adventure? Time to get creative and share your story to add to a new book to be published in 2021!

We are going to write a community book together sharing our adventures of growing in Winchburgh and we need your stories to make it happen! No writing experience necessary...You can record your story, submit it online or write it on paper and post it to appear in the growing book...

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